Get More C&I Sales Through LinkedIn

We grow your network and deliver sales calls with your ideal prospects

LinkedIn is a treasure trove of business opportunity, but most sales teams don’t have the time or the expertise to fully leverage the platform.

This translates to millions of dollars in lost deals for clean energy companies.

We solve that problem by providing a done-for-you service to help you maximize LinkedIn as a sales channel.

We not only bring you sales calls with C-level executives who are otherwise difficult to reach, but also we create warm relationships that make your sales easier in the first place.

Your prospects get to know, like, and trust you before you even get on the phone.

To find out more about our service, schedule a free consultation or email us.

sales conversations

Highly-Qualified Conversations

Your prospects are educated on the service you offer and your value proposition. They know they’re getting on a sales call.

Push Button Solution

Done-For-You Service

We do the heavy lifting. Your role is simply to log in and answer incoming messages from people wanting to speak with you.

Predictable Results

Our partners have delivered over 1200 sales calls in a dozen industries. We know what works so you don’t have to guess.